“Richaud proves that comedic timing
blends easily with dramatic charisma.”

-Michael Christensen, Noho LA

“Richaud's remarkable edginess
resembles that of a caged animal,
pacing but docile one moment and
violently dangerous the next.”

-Dink O'Neal, Backstage West

“Jean-Michel Richaud is remarkable.
Fascinating and wry… his early period
Jean Marais quality is keenly tuned.”

-David C.Nichols, Los Angeles Times

“Lively and irreverent,
Jean-Michel gives an inspired performance.”

-Claudia Grazioso, Backstage West

“Jean-Michel Richaud is exceptional.”
-Jose Ruiz, Entertainment Today

“Richaud attacks his role with energy and intelligence…
slick and shining, a handsome golden boy
who emits the very essence of success.”

-J.A Eliason, Backstage West

Richaud beautifully calibrates his performance...
Some people burn with talent. Others of us can only talk about it.”

- Dany Margolies, Arts in LA, LA Drama Critics Circle