Vincent received across the board excellent reviews and was honored with a
100% sweet rating on Bitter Lemons, a review aggregate site for Los Angeles theater.


“Leonard Nimoy penned this one-person show, which we can be certain accurately
depicts Van Goghʼs thoughts and feelings. Paul Stein directs, Jean- Michel Richaud
performs, and the effect transports the audience to 1890s Paris. Richaud beautifully
calibrates his performance. Fraternal adoration, religious fervor, lust, guilt — all are
created in truth here... Some people burn with talent. Others of us can only talk about it.”

- Dany Margolies, Arts in LA, LA Drama Critics Circle

"As performed by French-born actor Jean-Michel Richaud, this insightful and often
moving 1981 solo show penned by Leonard Nimoy transcends the usual clichés...
Richaud's assured delivery hits the right emotional notes and he proves particularly
adept at the ironic humor... Paul Steinʼs staging complements the unfolding narrative
with well-chosen images of Van Goghʼs paintings, particularly the self-portraits that
chronicle the artistʼs losing battle with a world in which he could not accept compromise."

- Philip Brandes, Los Angeles Times

"In Van Goghʼs famous painting “Starry Night,” a multitude of stars blaze fervidly in the
night sky above St. Remy. In
Vincent, only one star blazes, but the light seems just as
intense and intriguing, illuminating the mysteries inside the life of the great painter...
Van Gogh's uncompromising attitude describes Richaudʼs performance as well and
makes Vincent a worthwhile evening at the theater."

- David Maurer, Culture Spot LA

“ With bravery and without pathos, Jean-Michel Richaud embodies Theo and Vincent
in a kind of a brilliant and fantastic ride.  The show, well framed by director Paul Stein,
reminds us simply with passionate emotion that Vincent was above all a man -  
and that message overwhelms us.”

- Evelyne Trân, Le Monde
“Red-bearded, feverish Jean-Michel Richaud splits in two. He is Theo, the brother
of the painter, who wants to restore the truth about him, whom we took for a fanatic.
When Vincent takes the floor, he burns with intransigence, creative impulses and
a desperate quest for love. Leonard Nimoy has faithfully recounted the tragic
fate of an artist entirely dedicated to his work.”

- Thierry Dague, Le Parisien

“Brilliantly acted by Jean-Michel Richaud, Vincent is amazing and totally original.
We come out with a sense of intimate proximity with Van Gogh.”

- Les Coups de Coeur Culture, LCI (French CNN)

“Jean-Michel Richaud remarkably embodies the affection, the tenderness of the younger
brother for his elder. He does not fall into a caricature when he expresses the painter's madness.
It's beautiful!”

- Marie-Céline Nivière, Le Pariscope

Jean-Michel Richaud has a lot of presence. He makes a great advocate of the man, Vincent.”

- Jean-Luc Jeener. Le Figaro

“What is immediately striking is the power of the interpretation. Such a role, most actors would have
cheapened it, thickened it. But as Jean-Michel Richaud seizes it, we are riveted by the story of these
two intertwined lives.  The whole show conveys their irreversible commitment up to the climax,
Vincent’s death in Theo's arms. Beautiful and sad as the penetrating autumn rains.”

- Myriem Hajoui, A Nous Paris
“Jean-Michel Richaud directed by Paul Stein, is startlingly authentic. His sincere emotions
overwhelm the audience as they feel Theo’s deep love for his brother. The lively staging
makes us experience the sometimes heated exchanges between Theo and Vincent..
A show not to be missed in more ways than one!”

- Laurent Schteiner, Theatres
“We feel all the pain of this loss and the void impossible to fill. It’s difficult to remain
insensitive to so much love, all the more so as Jean-Michel Richaud plays with simplicity,
gentleness and does not lapse into self-pity.”

- Hélène Chevrier, Theatral Magazine

“Richaud is inhabited by the sincerity of Theo, between smiles and tears, in an emotion
without pomposity. "I felt his soul lingering near me for those next few moments,
and then something went out of me." Impossible to let go of this Vincent,
that will linger in the delight of this moment.”

- Annick Drogou, Spectacles Sélection

“To say that Jean-Michel Richaud’s performance is sharp, would be an understatement. 
Lovers of Vincent Van Gogh, do not miss this event!”

- Simone Alexandre, TheatrAuteurs

 “With power, emotion and humor, the excellent actor Jean-Michel Richaud
is alternately a convincing Theo and a fiery Vincent.”
- L.BV, Sortiz